what do you think about man made cells?

so i was just watching on the news about some scientists who have created lving cells where they make up a new genome and everything. They mentioned they may start using this in medical treatments as early as next year. Do you think thats a good idea? It seems a little premature to me. Just wondering what people though!

Answer #1

In what context? Like what are they being used for?

Answer #2

well they were talking about a whole lot of different uses including fuels and some environmental uses but im particularly interested in the clinical uses they mentioned. They talked about using them for vaccines which would be great but it seems a bit rushed to me! Its not the kind of thing you want to rush

Answer #3

I don’t see a harm in it per se if, for instance, the research can be vital for the medical world. If they’re developing man-made cells to make Spiderman a reality, then we have problems :)

Answer #4

i think its the next great step in human evolution

Answer #5

Great if they help people.

Answer #6

I believe that as long as it is not destroying the quality of life for someone else then it is good.

Answer #7

I don’t think its inherently a bad thing, but needs a large amount of caution when working with them. Just think of the havoc caused by introducing a species of an animal into an ecosystem that has never seen it before. Now we are bringing cells that are 100% man made in our environment…..

Genome aren’t exactly simple, and if there is a mistake made it could mutate into a new virus, or latch on to a virus and create a super stain of it.

I guess that part sounds like the start of a bad zombie movie, but this is very new territory, and a lot of room for screw ups. And when you are creating brand new cell’s that have never existed in any environment, who knows how they will react once they are introduced into the ‘outside’ world. There are so many variables its really impossible to test every single one in a controlled environment.

So it doesn’t sound like a bad idea, but I do agree it sounds premature.

Answer #8

thats pretty much what i think. I think it could be good but people shouldnt get ahead of themselves

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