Lightspeed or Extrasolar Planets?

Do you think that Humans will acheive starships that are capable of going at the speed of light before Humans land on Extrasolar planets, or do you think that Humans will land on extrasolar planets first. I personally think that Humans will land on extrasolar planets before lightspeed is acheived. Currently it would take 100,000 years to reach the closest extrasolar planets with our current speed, but if we were able to accelerate to about 90 percent of the speed of light it would be a mere 4.5 years to travel to the closest extrasolar planets which lie about 4.22 light years away. I do think that Human beings will probably travel to some close extrasolar planets when we acheive about 85 to 95 percent of the speed of light. I think it would take a couple of centuries after 85-95 percent of light speed is acheived to actually reach light speed, so I think Humans will actually travel to close extrasolar planets before they completely reach light speed, 186,000 miles per second. What do you think? Please give suggestions and explain why or why not. Thank You.

Answer #1

I think we will either discover how to achieve faster than light travel, or prove it isn’t possible, long before we would even consider exploring beyond our solar system. The reason I think this, is that I foresee true machine intelligence probably in less than 50 years.

Once we achieve that, machine intelligence will grow exponentially as intelligent machines are employed to design even more intelligent machines. This is referred to as the technological singularity. At that point, machines will discover the true nature of reality for us and will be able to tell us either that faster than light travel really is impossible, or how to do it.

But what if we could simulate our own universe using a quantum computer? If we could do that, physical exploration would not be necessary, and it would be hard to justify the immense costs associated with it.

Answer #2

its more likely we will get to the speed of light rather than extrasolar planets first…

I’ve read that scientists haver frozen an atom to about 0.00001 degree from absolute zero…if we are capable of making usable near absolute zero computers or hardware we will be able to upgrade our technology (electricity and thus energy flows without resistance in objects near absolute zero) we could technically start to develop faster moving things and maybe after a few hundred years ( if you think itll be in the next 50 years think again!) we could be fast enough

Answer #3

Probably extrasolar planets.

Answer #4

probably we can reach lightspeed before reachinf the extrasolar planets if we upgrade our current limited technology.

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