Do you think scientists have proved Einstein's theory of relativity wrong?

i was reading an article on it and these scientists have ‘found’ particles which exceed the speed of light but Einstein’s theory said that nothing can go faster. I’m not usually interested in things like this…but they’ve asked other centres and such to take a look at the evidence and see if it was in fact travelling just over 186,282 miles per second. So do you think it’s been proven wrong? what’s your take on it?

Answer #1

Scientists generally use SI units so they would say light travels 300,000 kilometers/sec (or even 300 megameters/sec, actually, even though the meter was originally defined as one 300 millionth of the speed of light the standard meter is a little off so the real speed of light in a vacuum is 299792.458 km/sec) Particles going faster than the speed of light do not invalidate Einstein’s theory of relativity. Accelerating a particle past the speed of light would take infinite energy because at the speed of light it would have infinite mass. Speed is always relative to another point so if a particle came into existence at 0.9c relative to us it may only have to accelerate 0.1c to reach superluminal speeds from our perspective. If a particle came into existence at superluminal speeds than it would take infinite energy for us to stop it. Of course all theories have limits. Newton’s laws worked for hundreds of years. Einstein showing that they did not apply to everything did not invalidate Newton’s laws but simply showed that reality is more complicated than he knew. Einstein’s theories work for a large problem space but science will continue to advance and we will find holes in his models. In science nothing is (or should be anyway) sacred.

Answer #2

Yes, neutrinos have been proven to move at a speed greater than that of light. Einstein’s theory of relativity states that nothing can be faster than the speed of light but with the discovery of neutrinos, it had been proven untrue.

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