Why do people freak on Illegals?

Hey why do people freak out about illegals? I mean they are people too !!! I mean wake up people this is America ! the land of the free and the home of the brave! God never judged anyone on how they looked or what race the were you judge people by who they are not where they are from . and imagine if you were them and you could not make it in Mexico and you tried to come to America to try and make a better life for you and your family , ya you wouldnt care you were getting into this counrty somehow! so next time somebody says that illegals are invading America think about how we are invading other countries I am pretty sure they dont like so think about it next time!

God Bless

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I dont have a problem with people coming here, I dont care where they come from, but I do care if their legal or not. im not judging them, but if their illegal their illegal, the thing is, they come here, and we just hand them everything, when america’s own people is suffering. kids cant get into college b/c their letting others get in who isn even legally here. they dont even have to pay taxes, if their going to live over here and be a citizen (which if their illegal, their really not) they pay and fight for benefits just like everyone else does. they get handed benefits and extra benefits when once again america’s own people cant get anything b/c of them. im not sayin they cant get anything, but the thing is their illegal, and we have to change for them, why do we have to learn THEIR language, if their coming over here, they can learn english. I dont “freak” bout them, their just wrong getting everything that people legally here cant get.

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‘Illegal’ means you broke the law - a ‘legal’ way to immigrate into the country has been established for many years - thankfully, many choose that provided route - if you researched it, you’d be surprised at the penalties and how a person is treated for ‘illegally’ entering Mexico - then you’d truely ‘freak’ - if I needed to work there I would respect their laws and follow them to legally become a citizen and assimilate.

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One of the prime reasons the illegals come here is to get jobs to help pay for their families back home. There is far more money that leaves the U.S. than is spent here by the illegal worker. And the cost on health care, welfare and public service is far greater than any 7-11 slurpee they might buy.

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There are tourist visa’s, student visa’s, and work visa’s. There are millions of people who have immigrated LEGALLY to this country. Hard or not…why come here and break the law the first pop over the border???

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Did you guys ever do research on how hard is it to actually enter the US legally, if you’re not on a tourist visa?

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they dont pay taxes and yet they work here. and intruding this country is like.. a random person entering your house w/o permission, like it just aint right,k?

Answer #7

My rationale is quite clear, and I am not a libertairian. If there were no jobs here, they wouldn’t come here. Start strictly and severely enforcing employment laws regarding illegals, and you will see some real change in illegal immigration. If an employer fears jail time, he might think twice before hiring an illegal. Throw in prison a few CEOs from big agra companies who hire tens of thousands of illegals, and then you would quickly see those jobs going to legal workers. Without a job they would have to become legal or leave, or not come here in the first place. Right now we are inviting them here because there are plenty of jobs for them. Blaming them will do nothing to change the situation.

Answer #8

Sorry…the key word here is…ILLEGAL…


Answer #9

The illegals that come to this country rarely pay taxes, yet they still clog our health care systems. All too often they come with little or no skills that are valuable to our economy. Some get onto our welfare roles and further burden our economy.

It is difficult to legally immigrate to the United States, and should be. It is that way with most of the free nations. The immigrant should have something to offer our country. Some of our greatest minds have been immigrants, and it is those that we want to see come to the U.S. Just as other countries would not allow our immigration without a skill, profession or an investment amount that will be of use to that country.

Answer #10

* Hey why do people freak out about illegals?

Conservatives freak out because illegals aren’t white, or because of some hyper sensitivity about legality , never mind that being illegal involves a misdemeaner rather than a felony - this doesn’t stop the “law before justice” knee jerk conservatives from ranting about how they broke the law on their cell phones while driving above the speed limit.

Liberals freak out because they worry about jobs - neglecting to realize that the illegals also spend money here, which creates jobs.

The only people with a rational perspective on immigration, are libertarians.

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Answer #12

phrannie, lots of people commit misdemeanors in this country everyday. Do you see this kind of vitriol against those other law breakers? Bottom line is the illegality of it is much less severe than many other crimes in this country, and people don’t seem to care. That is unless it is a bunch of brown people commiting them.

Answer #13

I dont have a problem with someone from another country comming to live in America, but I DO have a problem with them comming here ILLEGALY. I agree that people shouldnt be judged on race or any other part of who they are, but someone who comes to our country should come here the right way.

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