do you think the economic package would be good for the people.

do you think the economic package would be good for the people. any answer is welcome thank you.

Answer #1

I’m worried about the economic package because it seems that it is being stretched in too many directions. The whole thing is getting too political.

Were it up to me I’d break it up into seperate packages.

An immediate $200-300 billion for infrastructure projects to create jobs, extending unemployment benefits, food stamps, tax credits for companies that create new jobs and penalties for those who export them and child care for working parents.

In the near future another $200-300 billion to spend on efficiency and alternative energy projects.

Then another $200-300 billion to lower the interest rates of student loans, fund more scholarships and grants, and upgrade university research facilities.

I think doing this in phases would make more sense.

I definitely think the stimulus package as it stands would help rev the economy but I think as it stands now is not efficient (8 years of tax cuts have now worked so why keep doing the same thing?).

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