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Is Mexico using immigration to avoid a revolution?

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It would seem this is the case. When I was looking up the Mayan sitiation I found that mexico was encouraging the people to leave to America. Now if this is common enough it could explain the radicals in America and why mexico has not had to deal with a big enough revolution to topple the government.One reason I think this is because immigration is willfull thing and second once in america getting a better income and living condition might turn even the staunchest revolutionary to settle down. Im not saying anyone is being kicked out but encouraged to immigrate atzlan seem to be away to make the immigration seem like moving to another mexican state then moving to america making it easier to leave. The atzlan movement also making so you dont feel like you left mexico and puts you toward expanding mexico boundaries changing you from wanting change to a pro goverment position this I think has weakened many revolutionaries and people wanting real change in mexico. Leaving mexico still in the hands of corrupt politicions instead of in the hands of the mexican people.

Do you think this is true?

Do you think immigration would be a tactic to remove dissidents without causing a uproar?

If you think this is not true? Please explain?