What is everyones opinion on not being alone in this universe ?

Whats you thought about humans not being the only things in this universe? If you have any evidence that would be awesome aswell :-)

Answer #1

Personally, I think its very small-minded to think we are the only life forms in the whole universe. Our planet may be the only planet (we know of) that can sustain human life, but what makes us so sure that other life out there is human?

Other organisms may live just fine in acidic gasses with no clean air/water. In fact, oxygen may be poisonous to them.

I don’t believe that there are ‘aliens’ leaving crop circles on Earth, much less do I believe they are trying to contact us, or studying us. But I do believe that other life forms exist. They may even be just like us. We, as humans, have only began to take a glimpse into space around us. We have only ever seen our own solar system. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I am lead to believe we actually have no idea how many other galaxies the actually are. There is no ‘end of space’, it just keeps going. I don’t think we will ever truly know what else it out there.

Answer #2

With the size of the Universe there is definitely other life out there. Will we ever contact them or them us is what will probably never happen.

Answer #3

When I was a dreamer, I’d look at the sheer number of stars in the billions upon billions of galaxies in the universe and imagine that there simply MUST be other intelligent life out there. Then I learned the Drake equation and that hope pretty much fell flat.

If there is other intelligent life in the universe, it’s so scattered AND so brief when compared to the overwhelming size and age of the cosmos, we’d be just as well off proceeding as though we were alone.

The really depressing part is, let’s say just outside our region of space, our own galaxy is teeming with civilizations. Considering our planet only has a few billion years of life left, and considering how insignificant our solar system is, it’s very likely that they will never even know that Earth ever existed, let alone humanity.

Answer #4

unfortunanlty the only people who have evidence will never show it to anyone, because that would create worldwide panic and preety much end up in humans killing each other before anything else could but I beleive were not alone I beleive there is life on almost every planet, not the life were used to it could me microscopic, like germs/bacteria/organisms, it could be creatures, it could be gigantic either way, there is living things out there the universe if full of billions upon billions of planets, and then billions more there isnt just one in the middle of nowere with life on it a lot of them would have life

Answer #5

It is rediculous to tink that we are the only ones in the universe. the universe is so vast, there are billions of stars and trillions of planets out there. im sure at least just one of those has some form of life on them.

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