What makes the universe its color?

what makes outer space it’s color? I know why the grass is green the plant dosen’t let in green light from the Sun, but there isn’t a big enough ligt to cover the Universe.

Answer #1

You would think that with a universe full of galaxies, each with billions of stars, there would be enough light from all those stars to illuminate the entire sky. But like you say, it looks black (dark) to us instead.

The reason is, the universe is about 15 billion years old and has been expanding since its beginning. That means that stars and galaxies have been moving away from us and each other during all that time. So very little of the total light from the universe is actually visible to us on earth when our own sun is out of view. The dark gaps between the stars that make up the night sky are the result of stars moving further away from each other and making the distance for light to travel much longer.

Answer #2

Black? I thought it was Indigo.

Answer #3

Space is dark because it isn’t filled with light. Chlorophyll is what makes plants green.

Answer #4

The lack of light = darkness, which we perceive as “black” :)

Answer #5

The universe is constantly expanding as we speak, thus light cannot spread throughout the universe so quickly, so some parts it seems dark to us because light have not reach there.

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