If the Republicans win the election, is all this possible?

pardon me for my obvious bias, but think about this:

if mccain/palin wins the coming election, could this happen?

  1. palin, due to her family’s separatist tendencies, uses her influence to force the secession of alaska. alaska (the largest state in the union :P ) secedes, world sees that america is getting weaker, america falls from its place as the world’s superpower, possibly taken over by China *shudder

  2. mccain becomes too ill for office, palin takes over, meets with putin, who obviously doesn’t care a hoot about being gentle to women, especially americans. hockey mom gets pummeled around, showing weakness of american leadership, opening america to attacks by china, russia etc.

  3. community churches and centers countrywide are shut down, plunging hundreds of thousands of poor households into desperation. poverty rate of americans goes up. other countries see this yet again as a sign of american decline

far-fetched I know, but possible? it kind of scares me every time I think of this

once again, sorry for the obvious bias

Answer #1

i hope you do not take offense,         To that that comes hereafter;         ’Tis only that it’s my two-cents,         Not one penny more thereafter. §;o)       It is always possible because anything is always possible, but it is not probably. However, your same question could be asked of the democrats, and would be just as improbable.

I’d like to suggest that you Google the “Democratic Party” and the “Republican Party” and find out what their core beliefs, principles and values are. You would then be better qualified to have an opinion on which side would provide the better leader.

Keep in mind that the President doesn’t act completely on his own. He has a responsibility to the Congress and can be overridden by Congressional action.

I’m a moderately conservative Republican and I favor McCain/Palin. Although I think the Republican Party’s principles offer greater international strength for America, I think that no matter which party gets into office, the fact that the Congress is so closely divided gives protection against the United States becoming weak.

As to the secession of Alaska, I would be in favor of it. Alaska would be much better off as its own country if it could have total control of all the land and resources within its borders. However, that is a “dream” that will never happen.

America is not a superpower because of its presidential leadership but in spite of it. America is a superpower because of its people and who they choose to elect to Congress. But, in the end, it is THE PEOPLE of America that make America so great. The fact that WE can have several different parties and a multitude of ideas on how the country should be run is one of our strengths.

The incidence of whomever is in office will not weaken our ability to defend our country from attack either from within or by other countries.

What leads you to believe that a Republican could cause the demise of churches? Republicans are notoriously religious and would be the party least likely negatively impact churches or religious freedom.

You’re only 16, so I’d like to again stress that you do some research on the two parties. It doesn’t bother me which party you end up favoring but make sure it is because of informed research, not because of media responses.

Answer #2

“Republicans are notoriously religious and would be the party least likely to negatively impact churches or religious freedom.”

If you change “least” to “most” and then strike the phrase “churches or religious” from that sentence, I think you’ve got a fairly accurate summary of the last eight years.

Answer #3

im not american and I dont live in the US. VOILA

but I would rather have an america thats powerful than one thats not. there

anyway, seeing your country lose its status doesnt mean you run away from it. you try to make it better

Answer #4

If you see that sort of thing happening, leave the country, get residency somewhere else, and build a new life for yourself.

Answer #5

I agree wit religionisgood, it is way too far fetch, yea I know anything is possible, but really..and also like its also been said, the same thing can be said for the demo’s, just change names, face it people, we baiscally have “nobody” running, I dont like neither of them and I dont care what the media says they know nothing, they blow everything up, if you believe what the media says I pitty you, its nothin but lies, or its all blowed up to worse than what it really is

Answer #6

Sorry to be blunt, but those scenarios would only happen in a movie, or a badly written novel.

Don’t let the media, or the large number of Palin posts on this website fool you. A Palin vice presidency is going to have very little, if any, real impact on world affairs, or even domestic affairs for the United States.

Answer #7

You can let your imagination run wild and ‘what if’ doom and gloom all day long - I’d try sticking to reality, this gets you nowhere…

WHAT IF !! O turns out to be 666 and declares no religion allowed B turns out to be 666 and declares over 40 must be put to death

useless exercise.

Answer #8


Answer #9

useless exercise.

Yet… you practice it daily…

Answer #10

LOL…of course not…maybe where you live, but not here.

Answer #11

“What leads you to believe that a Republican could cause the demise of churches?”

I think he was refering to community organizers and organizations (but they are not all faith based), and the GOP’s seeming distaste for such work.

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