Have the democrats or republicans won more?

among democratic and republican parties who have won most presidential election in america?

Answer #1

The Republican party has won far more elections in the history of the country…


Answer #2

The Democratic Party has won 20 presidential elections, the Republican Party has won 22 presidential elections. This includes reelections of incumbents, and does not take into account the Democratic Party’s parent party, the Democratic-Republicans.

Answer #3

I think the democrats because I was reading that they own a bigger percent of Americans.

Answer #4

RG, the Dems have 21, not 20.

Phrannie, where are you getting your info from?

There have been 55 presidential elections so far.

No party: 2 (Washington)

Federalists: 1 (Adams)

Democratic-Republicans: 7

Whigs: 2

Democrats: 21

Republicans: 22

And we should be able to add one more the the democrats in 2 weeks.

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