Democrat or Republican to win?

The general view here in Europe is that whoever wins the Democratic nomination will win the Presidential Election. Now as you guys are the ones accualy voting, is that the feeling you are getting in the States?

Answer #1

I think McCain is far more competant than Bush and he is more of a pragmatist and less of a ideologue but he is a conservative. America has had nearly 30 years of conservative rule. I think Americans want the pendulum to swing the other way for a while.

Answer #2

If the election were held today I have little doubt that Clinton or Obama would beat McCain or Huckabee.

Over the years I’ve learned to never underestimate the Democratic Party’s ability to self-destruct. A lot can happen between now and election day.

Answer #3

I agree that unless the Democratic candidate does something really stupid, they will most likely win.

My guess is, Hillary will get the nomination by a few point margin, and then win the presidency by about a 3-4 point margin.

Answer #4

Yes, it is too early to tell at this point whether a republican or democrat will win the race. They say super tuesday will give us an idea of how things will go, but I think anyone who lives in the U.S. knows that isn’t always the case.

Answer #5

Far too early to tell at this point. Polls have been known to fluctuate wildly up until the election. McCain will be a very hard candidate for either Democrat to beat, but at this point there is no way to tell who will win.

Answer #6

I think the democrats will probly win! but I don’t know mkcain is getting a lot of votes but obama and clinton are to! to close for me to call right now =]

Answer #7

I agree with the slice of processed meat product on this one. I think the Dems have an advantage this time around simply because they are not Republicans. …although I hardly consider Bush a conservative.

The Republicans have can not get away with claiming they are for limited government after Bush, so what are they going to run on? “We’re the party of more war and a ban on gay marriage!”? That isn’t going to sell.

Answer #8

Obama For Sure!!!

Answer #9

dam I hope the democrats win, McCain for the republicans reminds me to much of Bush

Answer #10

I dont think anyone actually knows, even the pundits are totally baffled…

Answer #11

I think the war will be the deciding factor that will elect a democrat to the white house. mccain supports an unpopular war.

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