What would happen if Obama doesn't win the elections?

If Obama doesnt win the obama care and the microchip to people wont happen, if is like that i hope Obama doesnt win What do you think? tell me please thank you.

Answer #1

Too many good things to list here…..

Answer #2

The other dude who is only after the title but doesn’t really care will win. The one who would rather give money to big corporations and the big pharma than to public schools, the one who does not support Gay and Trans ect equality, the one who doesn’t give a s* about American’s health. The one who is only after money, fame, and a title.

Answer #3

No difference no matter who gets in. They both have the same boss.

Answer #4

honey they’re all only after money and fame and the title. last pres we had who was in it for the right reasons was george washington

Answer #5

aint that the truth. people think the prez runs the country. he’s just the mouthpiece for the ones who really do. the richest people in the world. notice i said in the world and not just in america?

Answer #6

I bet if the country is running ok or looking like it will for the next few years… it wont be another black guy.

Answer #7

Well there is a problem with all the people running for just about any public office: they are politicians.

Its not the guy best for the office that gets in, its the guy with the best ad campaign that gets in.

I say we need an old cranky farmer for president :D.

Answer #8

America would survive.Im not racist but we all knew letting a black guy into office is total heck!If he wins,I might go take care of him myself

Answer #9

You need to stay away the conspiracy web sites. The bit about implantable medical devices are pacemakers, artificial knees, etc. not RFID chips. A month ago I had some hardware put into my spine and this is the sort of stuff that would go into such a registry. Moreover, the provision was from an early version of the bill and it never even made it into the law that passed. Lets see. When George W Bush won he squandered the Clinton surplus to give tax breaks to the people who need it least undermining the social programs most Americans depend on. The worst terrorist attack in history happened under his watch. He lied to Congress, the American people and the world to start an illegal war to overthrow and occupy Iraq ultimately killing even more Americans than Bin Laden did. The auto industry, financial sector, housing and airlines went from booming to near collapse. Romney promises more of the same, tax cuts, deregulation, and an aggressive interventionist foreign policy. If you want to know what to expect under a Romney presidency consider the results of the last Republican who got into office.

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