Does Alan Keyes Have Any Chance In The Presidential Elections?

Does Alan Keyes have a winning chance on the Presidential Elections as of 2008?

Answer #1

Hey, thanks for the correction - I was wrong - I hadn’t heard anything on him in the MSM for so long I thought he had dropped out - my mistake - as far as chances, I think it would be a definite long-shot.

Answer #2

No, being as he’s not in the race.

Answer #3

If McCain died between now and the election, or dropped out for some reason, the the GOP candidacy would be determined by last minute caucasing (the proverbial dark horse). In such an event, anything is possible. Considering McCain’s age, there’s actually about a 5% chance of that happening.

Answer #4

Uhumm, amblessed, may I ask where you got that information, “No, being as he’s not in the race.” Alan is most certainly in the race. And is the only conservative. (others are pretend, until they get your vote and are in office).

Does Alan Keyes “have a chance”? I direct you to this, specifically:

It’s OUR election, not the media’s. Vote for Alan Keyes.

Answer #5

I think Ron Paul has a better chance of getting the GOP nomination than Keyes. And he has almost no chance at all.

Answer #6

Hey amblessed, get your facts straight. Alan Keyes IS still in the race:

The only way Dr. Keyes has a chance of winning the GOP nomination now is if he can convince a majority of delegates at the Republican National Convention to vote for him, instead of the designated nominee. Highly unlikely.

However, he could leave the GOP and run as an independent or third party candidate, so he could still have a chance, even if he’s not the GOP nominee!

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