Who will win President in the '08 elections?

who do you think will win for the ‘08 elections? obama, clinton or mckain .<

Answer #1

Makes little difference.

Answer #2

Besides the candidates not saying much about how they are really going to fix things. Not one has mentioned were the problems are: Unions– They have the workers go on strike or threaten to go on

     strike every few years which makes the companies raise
     their prices to us.

Insurance Companies – They keep raising their rates creating a

                   nightmare for Doctors. Not to mention,you
                   seem to have non medical people determining
                   what care a person should get

Immigration –I have no problem with people who wish to immigrate

          to our country. But I believe we should first spend
          a few years getting our own house in order
Answer #3

Who reallys someone in there that believes in keeping our troops in war for 100 years? NOT ME!

I would go for Obama.

Answer #4

well I mean obama and clinton are both for sending out our troops but I prefer obama b/c he wants to go more slow while hilary just wants to rush everyone out which I think will cause more problems but thats only me ;l

Answer #5


Answer #6

The odds still favor Obama.

Answer #7

well also mckain doesnt have wars between anyone I mean clinton and obama are always at eachother meanwhile mckain can focus on what hes doing other then fighting back to what his opponent would say XD

Answer #8

If you go to www.pollingreport.com you can see who leads against who in all the major polls. And, as is always the case each poll shows something different.

Answer #9

Actually the odds seem to favor McCain. I mean seriously he won the republican race very early. He still has all his supporters and some new ones. I hope he doesn’t win but it does look that way for now.

Answer #10

I hate em all, Mcain will win because he’s a white male, not saying that its right, but thats why

Answer #11

OBAMA.. that is who will win. I think that because McCain and his side-kick palin seem to be having more major issue that are always being braodcasted on every news station.. obama and biden have very little issues that are on the news also palin would not do well as vice president!!

Answer #12

I dont want any of them to win

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