What do americans think of irish people

People of the what you think of irish people

Answer #1

first thing I think of is leprachaun…

the second thing I think of is a four leaf clover…

and of course the color green and a pot of gold…

but…I really dont know what to think about the Irish

Answer #2

I think kiss me!

Answer #3

u no the country down drink much

Answer #4

I’m Irish, not 100% though but I am Irish. And Irish people aren’t drunks they’re ranked the second country in the world who drinks the most and Russia ranks #1 and the USA is #3. So all in all I think Irish people are pretty amazing if ya ask me.

Answer #5

I love the Irish, and Ireland. An absolutely gorgeous country. Been there a few times, and I am going back next year when my daughter does a semester abroad at trinity in Dublin.

I find the irish to be some of the most freindly people I have ever met.

And Guiness is the nectar of the gods!!!

Answer #6

I think kiss me!

Answer #7

uhm there people jsut like us? we dont ahve any problem with them. hah.

Answer #8

After that last coment I’m not sure but I might warm up to it. OR WILL I LOL

Answer #9

I love Ireland and the Irish and I agree about the Irish being very friendly. I also admire their tenacious attitude…

Answer #10

Answer #11

point please.. I am CLUELESS!!hehe

Answer #12

for the most part your pretty cool in our book, never really heard anyone complain about the Irish.

Answer #13

I waanna no because all of you cum over here wats the point of that looking 4 cosins

Answer #14

they’re people

Answer #15

your point is…?

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