Why do American people stereotype English people as having bad teeth?

Okay i know thats a sorta strange question but like i can understand teh tea stereotype, its true! and i mean i understand greek stereotypes like we are all fat cos its true! i dont get offended itsjust i don’t see english people with that bad teeth, they look fine to me..

Answer #1

We stopped drinking tea as much after the Revolutionary War, and tea ruins your teeth. Before toothbrushes and toothpaste British people oftentimes had really bad teeth from all the tea they drank.

Answer #2

At least, that’s my understanding. It’s mostly just guesswork on my behalf, I don’t have a true answer for you.

Answer #3

You guys are so perfect we feel the need to find something wrong to make ourselves look better <3 Just call us fat ;b

Answer #4

oh goodness i’m going to have horrible teeth with all this tea i drink.

Answer #5

I drink a ton yet my teeth arent that bad!

Answer #6

How does tea ruin your teeth? (Curious cause I’m obsessed with tea)

Answer #7

I was wondering that, its because of the tannin which is this thing inthe tea which stains the teeth brown

Answer #8

http://funadvice.com/r/15pq431fd8v well this is what I found.

Answer #9

I’m counting stained teeth as ruined. I apologize for not making that clear at the beginning. And I drink tea as well, so I’m not hating on tea drinkers XD

Answer #10

I never knew Americans stereotyped English people lol. It’s just stereotypes. Same as people saying all Southerners are inbred. Personally, I don’t like stereotypes at all. I’ve learned to ignore them.

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