what do people think about amy winehouse?

after the whole home made video that her and her friends made, there has been a lot of controvery about the subect, do you think amy winehouse could be racist? and what do you think about her drug and alchohol problem,do you support her through this addiction shes going through,are you a fan of her music, such as rehab?

Answer #1

She is a lost soul who needs desperately needs to find her way - I hope and pray she does before it’s too late.

Answer #2

I like her music! but if I ever met her id be afraid that I might get lost in her hair. lolz.

Answer #3

I love her music, shes my favourite artist. she just needs to sort out her drug addiction

Answer #4

NO! I LOVE AMY WINEHOUSE’s music. I’m really fan of her voice!

Answer #5

Why is this in politics?

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