What Change?

So basically obama’s whole campaign revolved around the promise of change in america. which is probably why he won I mean its exactly what america needs, but was it just a lie? when does he plan on changing america for real? all he has done is bail out a bunch of fat cats and taken over banks.

Answer #1

yes he promised change but is it good change

Answer #2

I talk to people. wow suprising right? my parents, my teachers, and I read the newspapers. fox noise and msnbc arent the only way to learn whats going on.

Answer #3

Still aint buyin it. At age 14, you didn’t get all these talking points you have been posting from sportscenter and MTV.

Answer #4

saints504, your profile says

I am an american and I am proud of it. I support our armed forces and fly the colors with pride. I am conservative

Yet, you expect us to believe you have never once in your life watched FOX News? Sorry, aint buyin’ it.

Answer #5

well heres the thing, im 14, I tend to watch sportscenter and MTV not fox news. so no I have never watched it.

Answer #6

Haven’t watched it in a while phrannie.

But at least I can admit that some of MSNBC’s programming is biased. Most Fox viewers think they are actually ‘fair and balanced’.

Answer #7

There’s some changes coming, that we aren’t going to like, I’m afraid…Sometimes I’m glad I’m old…

jimahl…you keep watching MSNBC…they need ya.


Answer #8

things have already changed for the better. Just getting that rotting corpse (AKA Dick Cheney) out of the white house has made it better, not to mention the mental midget who used to sit in the oval office.

Just keep watching FOX Noise if you want to remain misinformed.

Answer #9

well for one I havent watched either of those programs in my life so that was a pointless thing to say

Answer #10

my point exactly. who knows when hes gonna start taking away constitutional rights?

Answer #11

I’ll keep my money,guns,and freedom,obama you keep your change!

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