Do you think Obama will change his plans on Drilling?

Do you think Obama will change his plans on drilling? Or, do you think he’ll stick with his plans of finding new ways to seek energy independence?

Answer #1

Think about it

Its not whether Obama lied, its common sense (in a way)

The US is hardly one of the world’s top oil producers when compared to the Gulf or Russia. Drilling for more local oil isnt going to help anything. The only way to really increase energy independence is to go for green sources, which will take lots of time

So there is really only two options for Obama: Drill for more oil IN THE GULF, or go the green route

Answer #2

He is now my President so of course I want him to succeed because his success is America’s success - we have no way of knowing what the future holds so we’re all in the ‘wait and see’ mode.

Answer #3

honestlyy, I dont think he will keep any promise. I think he lied about everything.

Answer #4

no he is a mean person

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