Democrats want change what kinda change

The real question is will that change improve everyone or just special interest groups I’m for helping minority groups but sometimes it seems they become the special interest group when some policies benefit them exclusively giving them special rights and priviledges no one else does. When will it be enough in taxes I lose 40% of my paycheck every time I get one just to taxes 90% of the time these taxes go to someone elses wallet doesn’t even benefit me the tax payer. Were going to go through a tough ecnomic future is it really going to help us to be taxed more. Im a proliteriate or low income person its hard enough making it on 60 percent of my paycheck will I have to live in the streets when I cant afford my apartment because of exesive taxes Obama plan only seems to make the situation worse not better and do you really believe the rich are solety being taxed more no I think when they want higher taxes on the rich it means anyone with a income this is going to ruin low income families sure its nce for a black president but beyond that his policies are going to bankrupt families trying to make it in life who aint rich at all. Third he said hes lowering taxes on those who are not rich show me an example of democrats doing that then ill believe it but I dougbt anyones going to be living a better tommorrow once obama in the presidents share and no I dont want john mccain either hes worse

Answer #1

Obama’s plan is does not call for raising taxes on anyone who makes less than 250,000 a year. There is no abiguity in his plan, regardless of what the republicans are saying.

Your taxes are not going into someone elses wallet, they are going helping to pay for government. You know, things like road, bridges, schools, firefighters, police, military, etc. Some people call these things the commons. The things we all pay for. Now I assume your concerns have to do with including social porgrams as part of the commons. That is your opinion, and that is fine. I disagree, I think we as a society can easily help the least of us. We are a wealthy country, no one should be homeless, or lack health care. You talk of special interests that advocate social programs, but you don’t talk of the special interests that advocate for corporations and military contractors. As special interests go, they are far more powerful, and have been getting their way since reagan. Our current economic woes are directly due to the lobbying efforts of big business. We need take governemnt away from them and give it back to the people.

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It’s in the proper category - Politics.

Why don’t you want McCain? Give some examples how McCain is worse.

In general, Republicans are for less taxes AND less government intrusion in people’s lives.

    I hope you do not take offense,
    To that that's gone before;
    'Tis only that it's my two-cents,
    And not one penny more. §;o)
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Im glad to see in both response a answer that was openminded and was a opinion thank you guys for not calling it ranting or dissecting it and pointing out every flaw well if theres anyway I can improve on the way I discuss things please let me know

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Whoever runs this website can you fix the bugs thats causing my topics to go in the wrong category

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