How to gain weight in a healthy way?

How do I gain healthy weight?

Answer #1

Oh then you are ectomorphic like me. A person who naturally has a thin body and a high metabolism.I am currently on a program that will make me gain weight. The 2 keys to remember in gaining weight is :


It will take forever if you just eat without exercising to gain weight. And if you exercise more than you eat you will end up thinner.

so a few rules:

Eat 6 times a day. Drink a lot of water *Make sure eat a lot of high caloric foods not low ones and stay away from junk foods when I say high caloric foods I mean the healthy ones like bananas,etc.

  • EXERCISE!!! Very IMPORATNT. AND when I say exercise I don’t mean running,jogging or, aerobics. They are all good exercises but your goal is not burning fat but gaining weight. So the type of exercises you do has to be weight trainings. LIFT WEIGHTS! HIt the gym and train those muscles to grow!!Take a good protein supplement like whey protein because your body can’t grow without protein.MAke sure you take a day or two off a week from weight trainings because your body will only grow well after you exercise not WHILE you exercise.So rest a lot too!Oh and don’t train the same body part everyday , your muscles will hurt.Choose different parts of your body to train so you can give your body parts enought time to rest and grow.

Well I am not going to delve into the specifics about weight trainings and stuff. If you really want to know google it up. ANd sign up for a gym fast! No ones too skinny too do that!and remember EAT a lot if 6 times doesn’t make you gain more weight … EAT MORE!!! There’s just no simple answer to that! GOOD LUCK!

Answer #2

no, I have always been very very tiny for my age and I haven’t gone up a size in jeans ffor about 3 years, but my doctor says I do not have a problem.

Answer #3

well if you go to your doctors he/she will give you reely good advice but are u like recovereing from anoxerica or something? xx

Answer #4


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