What are some healthy ways to gain weight?

I have a really hard time putting on weight. like a really hard time. I eat EVERYTHING.
and when I look at some questions about how some 13 year olds are like size 5's and 120 plus pounds - I think, how are they bigger than me.
I have to take a pill to actually slow down my metabolism
anyway what are some healthy ways I can gain weight

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i'd have to agree with you pink i'm also 5'6 and i have almost 20 pounds on you and i'm considered at a healthy weight maybe try to build some muscle like going and working out at the gym but i would also talk to your doctor my sister has the same problem and she has to be on a certain diet and take medicine good luck

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well you really dont want to gain whieght because then your apatite gets bigger and pretty soon youll be as big as a house trust me you are fine the way you are im not gay

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many would die to have your body. BUT in many cases, its the person who thinks they eat alot when they actually dont eat as much as they percieve themselves too. so basically, u dont have to spend money on taking pills, but focus more on gorging yourself for 7 meals a day. i guarantee u, u will put on weight. most people who have a problem with gaining weight have small stomachs so get full very fast. so they think they eat alot when they dont. ask your friends whether they think u eat alot.

and if your in an intensive sport like say track and field, it will naturally be harder for u to gain weight.

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Thats a tougher question,Normally its "how can i LOSE weight?"
Try Adding and extra meal or two to your day.
Make sure theyre full of carbs,Add things like Pretzels,pasta,and things found in the bread group.
Keep it healthy,dont eat all mcdonalds,though that sounds great and like a good way to gain.
Your doctor can tell you how to gain weight better,Id talk to him.

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If you stay skinny you can save money. One on food and two on clothes. Man you can wear my clothes while im still in them :/

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and i don't consider being 19 years old and the most constant weight of 110 lbs lucky. its pretty nerve recking.

What is a healthy way to gain weight?
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i eat 6 meals a day. most are full.and im a really big fan of carbs anyway

Gaining Weight (the healthy way please)

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