How can i gain weight with out having to eat junk and be healthy

ok im wondering if theres a way i can gain weight....ive been trying for along time and nothing seems to work and i was wondering if there is some safe way of doin it with out harming my body with junk. reason why i want to knoe is cuz well i think im to under weight for my 19 , weighing between 105-110 , and the height of 5'5-5'4 ....i dont even noe if tats the proper weight for my body type....i eat alot ....alot more then pple i noe who weighs 120 130 and i cant seem to gain a pound ? give me some advice plz ...and according to the BMI i am under weight plz help

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-Ok you should only gain weight by eating grain type foods, not fatty foods. Use the food pyramid.

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There are mass-building products at your GNC. I hear that Muscle-Tech works the best.

Scared I'll gain weight if I start eating normally

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