How can i gain weight in a healthy way for football?

I'm one of the smallest dudes on my football team but everyone knows I'll hit with all I have for every play. Problem is when 130 Lbs. Collides with 220lbs. It doesn't make it look all that good no matter how hard I try what are ways that I can healthfully get some weight to throw around but keep my speed and stamina where thy are if not improving them?

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yeahhh... protien intake will boost your weight, but also keep in mind to work out daily as well to help keep and maintain those musscles. also try eating 5 small meals a day that are loaded with protiens as well as carbs!!

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Eat lean meat! This is high in protein which in return will build up those awesome muscles of yours!!! Make sure you get a little over 2000 calories a day since your a foot ball player. Also try eating grilled meat as well. If your not in the mood for meat try eating some beans ( be very aware of the side effect of beans lmao)

How to gain weight in a healthy way?

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Protein! Healthiest way to gain weight is to eat plenty of beans, peanut butter, and other protein-filled foods(because these obviously aren't the only ones)

Falafels...The kosher way to gain weight??

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