How to gain weight in a healthy and steady way?

I am 5" and I weigh around 6 stone. I am technically underweight by about a stone. I have very skinn arms and legs, but the rest of me is normal.
I need advice on how 2 healthily gain weight at a steady rate, to achieve my ideal weight, as it is unhealthy 2 b underweight.
any suggestions much appreciated

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I'm almost 5' and I weigh 73 pounds. I need to gain weight too and I've been searching for ways to gain fast weight. I've heard exercising helps

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Eat healthy. Make sure that you don't take in too many calories with junk food. Stay active to promote proper growth. Fruits and vegetables.

But remember that your metabolism may be keeping you from gaining. When I was 16 I was 6'3" and 148 lbs. (10.5 stone), and was eating large amounts of food. I didn't pick up any weight at all until I was 19.

Hope this helps.
Good Luck !!

how can i gain weight with out having to eat junk and be healthy

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please educate me on the word "stone" in reference to weight. thanks chatty kathy

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