Gaining weight (the healthy way please)

So, I'm a hockey player, I would say im a little bit below average for people my age (my weight)
Anyways, I eat all the time I've been reffered to as "THE BOTTOMLESS PIT" or "THE COW" So yup, I pack it away, but I dont seem to be gaining any weight It doesn't help that im always active, when im not playing hockey, im paintballing when im not paintballing, I fight in mma. But I can't just stop doing these things all together, so I need a way I can gain weight and keep doing the things im doing.

The reason I need to gain weight you might wonder, is because I would really like to build more muscle, and you can't build muscle without body fat,

I forgot to mention also that I frequently run and jog and skip to get in shape for my hobbies and sports probably doesn't help the whole weight gain thing
Nice, another thing I forgot is I have a lot of muscle milk substances I usually make into milkshakes for myself with my magicbullet <- god I love that thing
I think that might help a lot with weight gaining.. or maybe it's making it even harder for me to put on weight
All help is appreciated thanks a lot:D

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I dont know where you get your information from, but you dont need body fat too gain muscle, you have to workout constantly to build muscle, you need a routine and you need to stick too it, if you wanna get bigger quicker there are ways, taking suppliments like creatine, protine, glutamine and vitamins will help if your working out, and the most important thing is eating healthy and eating a lot.

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I'd suggest you eat heartier meals.
you can still be healthy, while eating eggs bacon waffles for breakfast.
and eating dark chocolate is always OKAY! teehee...XD

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Meat and taters, brother...


How healthy is this???

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