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Gaining Weight (the healthy way please)

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So, I'm a hockey player, I would say im a little bit below average for people my age (my weight)
Anyways, I eat all the time I've been reffered to as "THE BOTTOMLESS PIT" or "THE COW" So yup, I pack it away, but I dont seem to be gaining any weight It doesn't help that im always active, when im not playing hockey, im paintballing when im not paintballing, I fight in mma. But I can't just stop doing these things all together, so I need a way I can gain weight and keep doing the things im doing.

The reason I need to gain weight you might wonder, is because I would really like to build more muscle, and you can't build muscle without body fat,

I forgot to mention also that I frequently run and jog and skip to get in shape for my hobbies and sports probably doesn't help the whole weight gain thing
Nice, another thing I forgot is I have a lot of muscle milk substances I usually make into milkshakes for myself with my magicbullet <- god I love that thing
I think that might help a lot with weight gaining.. or maybe it's making it even harder for me to put on weight
All help is appreciated thanks a lot:D