What Qualifications does a V-P need?

What qualifications do you think a V-P should have?

Answer #1

RG, you are in rare form today… lol

Most of all, a vp should be qualified to assume the office od president. On vp candidate is, and one clearly is not.

Answer #2

Everything Biden has, duh.

Answer #3

We’ll start worrying about her looks being too much, when the audience starts fainting at the sight of Sarah, as they did with Moses Obama.

Answer #4

A Vice Presidential candidate should be well educated in matters of foreign affairs and able to work effectively with leaders of other countries. The ideal candidate would also be a strong leader with a history of public service in some form. And another trait I typically look for in a VP, perhaps more important than anything else, is that the person be a staunch supporter of Alaskan independence.

I think all of these traits are crucial in a Vice President. I can’t think of anything else more relevant to the office than what I’ve mentioned.

Answer #5

Integrity, solid core values, love and support of America and it’s troops, look after the best interests of the people - not themselves.

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