What do you think society needs?

What do you think society needs? this is kind of a random question..but I’m just curious on your thoughts and ideas :)

Answer #1

diseasus makes a good point. Humanity is already grown to the point where our life here is unsustainable. Like bacteria in a petri dish our populaltion has grown to the point where we are poisioning ourself with our own waste.

Our population should be managed to the point where the number of humans does not exceed our planet’s resources.

As the population expands expect more polution, dissease, and resource wars. If we don’t control our population nature will in its own brutal way.

Answer #2

unfortunately society is beyond repair and is in need of far too much to even think about listing. I am of the opinion that it just needs to end, kind of like when you burn toast really bad you just throw it out and toast more you dont try and fix it.

Answer #3

a worldwide armed conflict to get things straightened out again, not actually what I want to happen, but the way things are going it may need to happen.

Answer #4

It sucks to say this, but at this point all that can help us is de-population. the only alternative is space migration. Its too crowded, we must either die off or leave the planet.

Answer #5

An entire restructure of all organisations, systems and way of thinking. We know lots more as humans but we don’t utilize a lot of the information available to us. We need to think carefully, plan and restart civilization again. This doesn’t mean go back to caveman, I mean use the technology available now and use it to our advantage. Would make all our lives easier :)

Answer #6

What do you think society needs?

A kick in the backside…

Answer #7

I reckon we need more selfless people. People who actually care about others.

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