Sugar running out??? :P

okay this is a really stupid question but my brother said that the usa is like running out of sugar or something?? does any one now if its true??

Answer #1

I hope so. Maybe then pregnant women would be able to get one of those electric fat-mobiles they have at walmart.

Answer #2

haha I think your brother might be lieing,once I told my sister that The us made music illegal! and she actually believed it I told her that ,thats why they have the save the music programxD

Answer #3

Depends how farms that make it are doing. If it is, you better stock up on a whole load of sugar lol. Try looking in the news about it.

Answer #4

It is true. america always runs low on sugar during hurricane season. But after it passes we’ll be fine

Answer #5

not true, he’s foooling you

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