How do you get a British accent?

so I What 2 Learn How 2 Talk English (I Love There Accent)Anywho How Do Get The British Accent???

Answer #1

do you mean like the queen or common ? ?

Answer #2

I am british and I don’t think its something you can just pick up straight away. I think people just assume we have one accent and it applies to all of britain. there are so many diffferent accents here so it depends which one you want to learn :)

Answer #3

Ha,good idea,but at the same time bad. No offense,I really like Ozzy,but he always sounds stoned. Why not Sharon Osbourne? lol Her accent is more clear. Or look it up on

Answer #4

I have a british accent becuase I grew up there I dont like fakes and people who pretend

Answer #5

You can’t learn it mate. Like sexiness, you either have it, or you don’t. ;)

Answer #6

Know I Know Sharon iz British But Ozzy IDKAT ._.

Answer #7

Ozzy os British??? ._.

Answer #8

wach a lot of Ozzy Ossborn interviews!

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