why troops in iraq should be brought back from iraq?

Hey I would like to know your opinion on why troops in iraq should be brought back from iraq.

Answer #1

The number should be slightly decreased I agree but simply pulling them out is not a smart move…One of the many reasons for 9/11 was that we had soldiers in the middle east that were suddenly yanked out without us have a careful eye for lack of better terms we were attacked blindly. Pulling out suddenly is not a good idea.

Answer #2

Personally, I simply don’t think they belong there.

They were sent out basically to make a point back in 2001, but what are they doing now? You can go on forever about how they are trying restore order, keep peace, save civilians, but the simple matter remains that those troops are dying for someone else’s cause - not their own.

Iraq worries about Iraq…America needs to worry about America.

Answer #3

…and now it appears they’ll be coming home later rather than sooner.


Answer #4

…this is like asking why taxes should be lowered.

Why are they there, is the real question, and if there is no good answer to that, then it’s obvious they shouldn’t be there.

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