Iraq prime minister insisting on U.S withdrawal

I was reading a couple article yesterday about the prime minister of Iraq, Nouri al-Maliki, insisting that the U.S set up a timeline for withdrawing our troops. I think for the past couple years they have been pretty much doing what the U.S told them to. It appears that Iraq is starting to grow a set of balls. President Bush wanted full control of Iraqi air space, they told him nicely to go f*ck himself, lol. im sure the Iraqi’s want us out of there just as bad as most Americans want them home. And apparently, our troops can’t stay there past 12/31/08 unless the Iraqis give us permission. This is just what I read in my local paper so im not sure how accurate it is. So this is just open for discussion, how do you think it will play out. it was the first time I heard about this yesterday in the paper, but it said wouldn’t be able to stay if they told us to leave before signing any new agreement.

Answer #1

Obama will pull our troops because it is the CORRECT thing to do, not because he wants to “keep people happy with him”.

Answer #2

I think we’ll get pulled out, because Obama wants to be liked. And if he’s president, there ya go. He’ll pull people out to keep people happy with him.

Answer #3

I am not sure how it will play out if there is no agreement in place by 12/31. Either way, a withdrawal will take a long time to do, so no matter what happens, we will be there past the UN deadline. If McCain were to somehow pull a miracle and actually win, it will not matter what the iraqis do or say. He will try to stay there forever.

Both McCain and Bush are now back-peddling on what both have said in the past, that if the Iraqi government asks us to leave, we will leave. Now they claim that al-Maliki is just a politician who is pandering to the parliment and the people. A pretty lame argument if you ask me. It is the people who put the parliment and al-maliki in power.

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