When did Obama say he'd bring troops home or to Afghanistan?

Did obomba make a promiss to troops home and not put them in afghstand and did he make the promiss before he hot elected?

Answer #1

He made a promise to get them out of Iraq during the election, and he is. He said he would increase troops in Afghanistan, and he has. He also promised at the time he increased the troop levels, that it would not be open-ended.

Answer #2

I am not a fan of Obama, but this kind of thing happens with all presidents. There are some things that the public is unaware of that keeps us from keeping our word on some promises. It could very well be possible that he knows something that we don’t.

Answer #3

yeah he did vote for troops to come back home but I dont see none coming back I think obama made a lot of promises and isnt keeping one of them…except health care,,,but thats about the only change he has truly made,,, if you ask me I think obama screwd over america

Answer #4

yea he voted for the return of troops before he was elected and now that he is president..I don’t know I see 30,000 more in there. I guess he just needed to deal with politics so he could get more people on his side…he did. I don’t know but its all lieesss…

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