Soliders - Home or Iraq ?

Obama wants to send our troops home. McCain wants to keep our soliders in Iraq. What do you think our troops should come home or stay in Iraq??

Answer #1

there is NOTHING TO win. our soldiers should come home to their lives and family..its torture for them out there its making them commite suicide and murder. its pointless and destroys many lives of loved ones.

Answer #2

how do you suggest we “win” this war? even if we do manage to “win” this war how do we benefit from it in any way? I say bring em home. its too expensive its not worth the money we are paying nor is it worth the lives of any more of our soldiers

Answer #3

Obama wants to move many of them from Iraq to Afghanistan and bring the rest home - ideas I believe are prudent.

In the debate last night, McCain never mentioned any national security issue related to ending the war, but instead referred to having them come home victorious. I sure wouldn’t be willing to sacrifice myself or a loved one for something as meaningless as national pride.

Answer #4

You won’t get any answer from amblessed that isn’t a talking point he got from FOX Noise, or NewsMax, or FreeRepublic, or some other equally vile right wing websites.

He thinks allowing our troops to be IED fodder so Bush can try to get a revenue sharing agreement before he leaves office is “supporting the troops”. He is clueless.

Obama’s plan is best. Draw down in Iraq, redeploy some to Afganistan. Our continued presence in Iraq is doing nothing for us, or the Iraqis.

Answer #5

im a soldier stationed in iraq as we speak!! its hell out here but I would rather stay here and try and fix it then have it come come!!! I couldnt ever think about my wife ever being endangered or infact anyother u.s. citizen, I would rather stay till its over

Answer #6

Win the war and come home to a grateful nation - support our troops !!

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