If our troops are brought back home...

Personally I support the war but I really dont think we should see more trouble from terrorist cells in the future coming out of there. I am thinking that if we bring the troops home we should be able to resurface our economy. Your thoughts?

Answer #1

It all boils down to determining what is in the best interests for our country - and pursue that course.

Answer #2

I think if we wer to bring the troops home we proboly be able to resurface our economy because we wouldn’t be spending millions and millions of dollars.

Answer #3

Well I think that you dont get anywhere with a war that couldnt just be reasoned out, and we wouldnt have to wast to may lifes, the troops should be brought home, the terrorist would still bomb us because they do it because they think they are worshipping god the right way and we are lazy americans that dont love god and worship him in the right way. But som many lifes have been taken, we should really stop this war. Our economy would be a bit better because think of all the amo and trucks, all thoughs things cost a lot of money

Answer #4

I believe if our troops come home, it’ll be a safe haven for the terrorists that want to bomb us and kill us all. Those terrorists aren’t Christian, they’re murrders. Well, for once, I believe we wouldn’t have lives lost that would be nice, and, I agree, somewhat that maybe our economy would be better off in some areas but, again, if we bring our troops home, the terrorists will think we’re weak and not good enough to stand up to them. It’ll be a disaster in many ways. Then I have to agree with those people who think it’ll be best since now we’re going right back in the Clinton years starting the 20th. I just don’t feel its a good idea to bring our troops home with defeat. I want victory! We can’t have another Vietnam pull out like the 70’s. I know that’s how allot of people feel and want. I want what’s best for this country.

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