why is iraq considered a bad conutry.

why is iraq considered a bad conutry? its like anyone there is considered bad.

Answer #1

WHERE do you get your information? We’re over there trying to rebuild a country that we brought to there knees during our invasion. These are human beings you’re talking about. If anybody has a bad reputation, it’s the US. All you have to do is travel outside the country to know that most of the world call us the ^Ugly Americans^ because we are so arrogant and think the whole world revolves around us. Iraq is a fascinating country with a history that dates back thousands of years and makes ours look like small peanuts. The fact that they are for the most part a Moslem nation makes absolutely no difference in their value to the world as a whole. We have slowly but surely begun to win their respect and trust. Lets keep it that way. BTW my grandmother was Iraqi and I’ve been there twice … some of the sweetest people you could ever hope to meet.

Answer #2

the taliban are not in iraq. They are in afghanistan. Iraq and Iraqis are not considered bad to most people. And those who do think that are probably very misinformed.

Answer #3

there are a group of people calle the taliban and ther ae bad.. it doenst make iraq a bad oplace

Answer #4

so ure saying arab muslmis are bad? I think you are misjudjing them too

Answer #5

Because they are Arab Muslims

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