Will the next administration leave troops in Iraq?

Do you think the next administration will leave some U.S. troop presence in Iraq? Why or why not ?

Answer #1

As far as I know from news reports and position statements, every candidate above 10% in the polls envisage leaving some troops there for training, and also a rapid reaction force in nearby friendly countries like Kuwait.

Answer #2

Well, yes they will either be stationed in Iraq or a nearby area to Iraq. Or we will lose the chance to put up a very decent political reason for other middle eastern countries to aid against the rogue terrorists and personal armies of extremist interests (if we are attacked on the soil we have our base- that would be an act of war and accountability for the borders of the base). Islam is not an issue that Americans need to be making war with nor should we represent in any way that America is discriminating by religion which would put us at an even moral level with the terrorists who attacked us. The constitution is a doctrine that represents the values that this country was founded and shouldn’t be ignored for any reason.

Answer #3

Yes, we are building expensive permanent bases rather than temporary ones. The reason for this is to continue to have bases there much like we already do in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. We certainly will scale back the number of soldiers there but we will no doubt maintain a military presence.

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