Ok it's time to think deep thoughts! Everyone be all emotionally deep and shit

What do you think about the sentence “We live to find the meaning of life and yet we don’t realize that LIVING IS the meaning if life.” O_O watchu guys think?

Answer #1

People are looking for answers to questions that do not need them :D

Answer #2

I think that the meaning of life is in fact down to each and every individual - not one life is the same but many are similar. For example; a man gets married and has kids and works a job and enjoys his family and friends - he knows that his life is being spent earning and providing for his family etc.

I think that, eventhough these philosophical questions are great to ponder and think about to expand the mind, but I don’t think they aid in anything greatly.

Answer #3

I think that it is talking about how most people are always looking for the reward at the end but most people never realize that the journey of life is the reward. I have recently became pantheistic because it is based off of a way of life that is about accepting that the life’s nature is the reward and how we must keep the earth safe so future people can share this reward.

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