Do you think that having a later closing time for bars will help reduce problems associated with "after-hours" patrons?

The 2am closing time means that everyone is leaving the bar at the same time, congesting streets and causing fights to break out. If last call was at 2am, but the bar remained open until 4am, would this mean people would slowly filter out of the bar, leaving the streets clear?

Answer #1

I remember a famous sociological experiment from a while back, where there was a violent movie due to hit the cinemas at some violent town. Violent crimes were typically committed between 11:00pm and 1:00am, so they put the movie on to fill that exact time-slot.

The following week, the crime-rate was significantly reduced because all of the violent people were watching the movie at the time and when it was finished, all of their potential victims had already gone home, lol.

So yes, I think there is some merit to this idea. People who are intoxicated tend to like to stay in one place (I do anyway :D) and so if people were allowed to slowly disperse, then there is a good chance that the rate of violence would decrease I believe.

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