What kind of bullying do you think is worse, physical or mental (emotional) and why?

A very interesting debate with a lot of back up facts on each side. Do you think physical (fighting) is worse (in terms of emotional scarring and just making the individual feel bad) or do you think mental bullying is worse? Eg: calling names, mind games etc.

Answer #1

I don’t think either is more worse than the other. Terrible is terrible. And either way you will suffer mentally from physical abuse.

Answer #2

I believe physical is worse, because physical abuse can cause emotional scarring as well. So, physical abuse can physically hurt, and mentally hurt… while mental abuse can generally only mentally hurt.

However, neither are good.

Answer #3

I think mentally is worse because you are more likely to have lower self esteem in the future.

Answer #4

Generally speaking I would think mental abuse is more damaging. Physical abuse hurts when it happens or while the wounds are fresh, but mental abuse haunts you and keeps hurting just as much, if not more, with time. Words have the most impact.

Answer #5

any abuse should not be tolerated. I would say mental abuse. That can not be healed as quickly. This type of mental abuse is why kids commit suicid(e). They feel worthless, as if they don’t measure up. Physical abuse, can be treated, and in some cases death results, but mental abuse is more deadly. The mind legit has a mind of its own! Mental abuse is the WORST

Answer #6

i perosonally beleive emotional abuse is sort or worse. considereing a lot of people arnt quite sure if they are even being emotionally abused or not, especially when they love the person…its also a lot harder to recognise it and can be harder to leave soemone whos emotionally abusive, because there isnt really a particular thing they can do that makes you think “ok thats it, this isnt ok” unlike physical abuse were you usually feel that as soon as the person physically abuses you. both are terrible, but i beleive emotional abuse it worse simply because it happens so often and not many people recognise when there being emotionally abused

Answer #7

mental abuse can lead to physical abuse. The person can kill themselves, whereas physical abuse, the person is only physically hurt..

Answer #8

If your father beats you throughout your entire childhood, you are most likely going to have some sort of emotional scarring, or problems. Someone killing themselves isn’t the same as physical abuse.

Answer #9

you have a very good point, but the fact that someone is more likely to heal physically than mentally, is still there. If a parent beats their child, its physical, and that causes mental/ emotional scarring, that can’t heal and could potentially cause death. I agree with you when you say that with physical abuse comes mental abuse: but we have to ask ourselves, which heals faster, or if ever!? I believe that mental abuse is worst because you can heal from physical abuse, more than mental.

Answer #10

Mental because you never can really forget something (you just forget remembering it, but it’s still there) so it is there forever. Physical will wear off, and it may not hurt some people. For me, pain is just an annoyance and also for most people I know it is. Mental can hurt everyone, even if they don’t show it.

Answer #11

I believe the point was that making a distinction is superfluous because physical abuse cannot happen without emotional effects. And if you really want to get technical, no one dies from emotional/mental abuse. They could kill themselves, but the abuse itself does not kill them. Lots of children have died through physical abuse.

Answer #12

both are terrible. i think mental is worse. physical pain, is there but it goes away after some time, nd is easier to deal with then, mental. atleast this is how i look at it. both r very wrong though. :)

Answer #13

Exactly Ty, thanks. :-)

Answer #14

Both can have severe consequences, where death is the worst. Physical abuse on the positive is usually spotted and handled much quicker than emotional, for the simple reason that its visible.

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