Does everyone actualy think that all irish people are called paddy

Does everyone actualy think that all irish people are called paddy and live in little cottages and spend all their time drinking ‘guinness’ or driving tractors??

Answer #1

no I dont, most people think welsh people sh*g sheep haha funny as xx

Answer #2

I’m sure some people do.

Answer #3


Does everyone actually think that all Canadians drink beer, live in igloos, and say words like “aboot”?

We’ve all got our stereotypes, but I think only those who lack intelligence actually believe any of it.

Answer #4

im irish man you shud be proud let people think what they want.!! lol.. wer still the proudest country in the world.. just look at my page.. :D

Answer #5

Nope, but national stereotypes are an easy and lazy way of categorizing people so you don’t have to think very deeply.

You find stereotypes everywhere - of nationalities, of specific localities, of religions and races… of course they’re not ‘true’. We human beings are all individuals, wherever we live, whatever our faith or race.

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