Scary thoughts all the time...

So when ever I think about something.. Lets say, my sis taking a walk… I think about something really bad happening to her… Or my boy friend… I would think of something terrible… And that is what it is with everything. Im always thinking about death and just bad things. My life is sht so that could be a part of it… But I cant excape it… I think about something bad and think the hole conversations in my head and everything. I really wanna talk to a counslor but im scared to and im not telling my mom about this and if I tell her I want a counslor she will be offended because I cant talk to her about it. I have so much sht in my life that I dont need to be thinking about more sh*t all the time Someone please help me What should I do???

Answer #1

if your school has a councler talk to him/her

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