Why does everyone think rednecks are stupid?

I am a redneck born raised in tha south and dang im proud of it!But why does everyone think if your a redneck or southern that your stupid or that your a hick?! why when you think of southerns do you think of trashy trailor parks?or poor people who party hard?Why do you think of kids who drink bud light or smoke when there 10?it seems like more kids die in the city bc of hard core drugs then just some 13yr olds popin a bud…so do u feel this wayy abt rednecks?or are you a redneck your self?

Answer #1

It’s just another idiotic stereotype that rages on in the city. I’m glad to be in the country!

Answer #2

well honey I decieve most rednecks because there racist im black white dominican german and indian and your REDNECK family is just ignorant people that have terrible opinions on other people other than there race and hot white blonde chicks so hunny I just dont like REDNECKS

Answer #3

I have no idea 100% what a redneck is…

ok I’ve just had a looky and looks like rednecks are classed as excuse the term, dumb

looks like you have the same crap to face like our essex girls… or footballers wives

its just stereotyping isnt it?

your proud of your routes fair play :)

Answer #4

it’s stereotyping like I live in the north of england, stereotypically, I should be living on a farm! On the moors! I’m not, I live ten minutes out of the 3rd biggest city in england! just don’t listen to people and try and see through all the shit :) x

Answer #5

You’re using ‘southern’ and ‘redneck’ interchangeably, which I think is part of the problem. Most people don’t apply ‘redneck’ to every person living below the Mason-Dixon line. ‘Redneck’ only becomes applied when someone proves themselves to be the Southern version of the Northern ‘douchebag.’

‘Redneck’ really doesn’t have a nice application. It’s not something you want to stand up and be proud of. It’s like saying you’re proud to be ignorant or bigoted or terrible at balancing your checkbook. To be a proud Southerner or a proud country girl is one thing. To be a proud redneck is something else entirely.

Most people don’t automatically think of all Southerners as rednecks. But when they start standing in line for Sarah Palin books, when they head to their town’s only bar at 6:00 PM and come home at 3:00 AM with a black eye, or when they have to make a choice between catfishin’ and going to a gun show, bam, they’re a redneck.

Likewise, when the people in my Brooklyn neighborhood start growing their beards out and wearing ironic vintage tees for that so-fresh homeless look, I can safely call them douchebags without fear.

I lived in the deep DEEP country for the first half of my life, and not everyone was a redneck. But they were there, ohhh yes. So no, not every Southerner is a redneck, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

What’s wrong with Bud Lite? :(

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