Can night time make you feel smarter?

I don’t know why but I feel . . . different at night, like I am able to think beyound what I normally do. I heard that people’s emotions or thoughts are different at night too. So is this all true?

Answer #1

Probably more alert, I understand once you’ve been up/under physical stress you can achieve what is called a “Second wind” which you feel stronger/more alert.

Answer #2

Mind you I mean been up for AWHILE and or physical stress for a long period of time*

Answer #3

Not in general, but everyone has their peak time when they feel more alert, ready to take on the world … I guess you’re a night person.

Answer #4

no it isnt a fact, ur brain might feel more stimulated, do u do or eat anything at night? high amounts of caffein can make u more alert, and more active. Maybe you just feel smarter because ur just very awake considering the time of day.

Answer #5

I do nothing at night lol. Sometimes I literally just sit in the dark for hours stairing at nothing. O_O

Answer #6

boredom! this is just a theory but maybe qhen u are bored your brain isnt being occopied or distracted so it uses its power on other things. O.o

Answer #7

for some people, it depends

Answer #8

Yes, some people work better at night like me, or feel great in the morning, or in the afternoon, it all depends on the person.

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