Why do people call brown people black?

Why do people call brown people black?? there not really black, there brown. that makes me sooo upset!!!

Answer #1

There are some that are black.

Answer #2

Everyone is brown except albinos.

Answer #3

It depends on your culture. In our culture we call people that are purely african. I.e. sotho, zulu,sepedi, tswana etc culture black, those that are “mixed” e.g. your father was black and your mother white colored, and then we have asians and white.

It’s all just relative and subjective and a way to differentiate between the different types of people and cultures.

ps…I’m pink.

Answer #4

First of all - color is relative. Not only what some people would call ‘blue-green’, others would call ‘green’ or ‘blue’ - but also depending o what you’re used to. A child who had never seen or heard of Chinese people, for example,.would probably not use the adjective ‘yellow’ to describe their skin. And the first Chilean refugees to Scandinavia were astonished to realize that many people there considered them ‘colored’.

And just as non-Caucasoid people in Africa have natural skin tones ranging from very dark (‘black’) through coffee-colored and to cafe-au-lait, also in other parts of the world. In Nepal you find the whole range from pale ‘northern European’ to dark chocolate-y, although must people are about halfway in between.

Conclusion: color words just aren’t very useful in generalizing about people.

Oh, and as for the so-called ‘white’ people - most of us are realy pinky-brownish.

Answer #5

Black does not define the colour of your skin it defines your race, so dont get offended just be proud to be black!!!

Answer #6

The two questions that have remained unanswered throughout my entire life are (1) Who killed President Kennedy and (2) Exactly what do black people want to be called?

Answer #7

And I’m not really white - I’m Ivory.

It’s not meant to be offensive, it’s just a simple way of stating the different races.

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