People call sir to everybody

I want to know if people call sir to evreybody even if is a young person, because when people call me sir I feel like 50 years old or something like that you know what I mean.

Answer #1

It depends on the situation and the relationship rather than the age.

When I worked in retail every customer was sir or ma’am including kids.

When I worked at a university every student was “sir” or “ma’am” until I knew their names after which they were Mr. or Ms. Even students that I was on a first name basis outside of the university with went back to Mr. or Ms. when they were in a class I taught.

Where I work now things are less formal. I’m on first name basis with everyone at work including the CEO.

I find it odd when people call me “sir” outside of formal relationships (like when someone is trying to sell me something). When a group of teens spun and crashed their car in the rain I was helping them and every one of them called me “sir.” I told them I’m much more comfortable with “hey you” than “sir” but I appreciated their politeness.

Answer #2

Yea it’s only polite to do so.

Answer #3

Yeah I do it to mostly if it is a tutor or someone who is teaching me something, or if they are a more respected person in society. When I say sir I find it strange saying to someone only a few years older than me. Feels weird when they call me sir too.

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