what can i do to get these people to stop calling me?

someone must be using my name, cellphone number, and email cause im getting all these emails and phone calls. how can i make them stop?

Answer #1

google your email and phone number. you will find where it is online and u can shut down or sue the site. then get a new email and phone number. :)

Answer #2

it wont let me google it.

Answer #3

The emails are easy…you can either block them, or if there’s an unsubscribe option in the email, click on it. As for the phone calls, contact your phone carrier and make a complaint - they may be able to block the calls.

Answer #4

why not?

Answer #5

okay. thank you.

Answer #6

its just says that it was not found.

Answer #7

well…. answer the phone! if that don’t work then turn the phone off! if you don’t want to turn the phone off ( because your talking to someone Very:) special) then call the cops

thanks for asking-

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