what so wrong with black people speaking slang?

a lot of people hate when black speak slang I don’t really see the problem am mix ( .white/black) I speak slang all day long and to everyone I just can’t stop but other people get mad and I don’t see why like what so wrong with speaking slang or even acting ghetto I act ghetto all day but other people still get mad I don’t really see why people hate it and I see that the number 1 thing that people hate that we do down here is that we call each other the N word I do it all the time I try my best not to call people the N word who is white they might get mad so I try my best to call them joe or something why do people hate all this stuff so much

Answer #1

Slang is slightly demeaning. If you have a job interview or an important appointment, I would use proper english. Use the slang around your friends…you feel me?

Answer #2

I find it annoying and bothersome. It not only makes people look at you as being uneducated, in many situations people tend to give better service or better jobs to people who can speak properly and hold a conversation. I would never hire someone who can not/refuses speak to customers using mainstream terms! And the whole and word thing give that a rest… would you find it offensive if someone who was not black called you that… more than likely so, if it would be a disrespect towards, then think how it makes others feel. I don’t know what you plan to do with your career path but most jobs take a level of conversational skills and at most colleges you must take speach as a required course if you can not speak properly you will fail and you WILL NOT get a degree that requires the course.

Answer #3

I find it cool speakin slang.. I’ve got lotsa black fellas and the 1st time it was kinda difficult to catch what they said though, but by the time it’s fun hearin em speakin slang.. and it’s cool.. nothin’s wrong with it..

Answer #4

I do find it a bit annoying, but only when I am unable to understand what a person is saying. I am half black half Indian, and I was not raised in a situation where I heard people using slang terms. As a child, I was punished for using the word ain’t. But even as I hear it quite often these days, I refuse to use words of which I know not the meaning. How it sickens me. But then, I do understand how one adapts to his environment.

Answer #5

Personally, I just find it annoying. If you speak to your mates like that and they can understand its fine but if you speak to me like that I’ll be like, “What? What did you say? How about plain english?” Because I struggle to understand. The word n1gger is used excessively. But I have no problem with that, although it probably does annoy others.

I think it’s mostly because it sounds like you’re trying to be a big-shot (no offense) or cool and ghetto or whatever. Like a label.

Answer #6

Because it’s different.

Some people are really judgemental, and think that it’s only right to speak a certain way.

Whats different to some people, isn’t to others. And vice versa.

As for the and word? Honestly, I just think white people don’t like it cause they can’t say it.

I’m half black half white too.

Answer #7

I think its just not cool of you to not like that slang.

Answer #8

I dont find it annoying unless I cant understand what a person is saying to me. I’ve done a bit of linguistics and they always teach us not to judge the way people talk but just to observe the way different people talk. African American vernacular english is fine if its used in the right context. If you start using it in a job interview or a very formal situation it might not be the best, just the same with any other type of vernacular language. In a very formal situation its best to use more standard english.

Answer #9

The language of your home, neighborhood, or region is not bad, but it can be something that isolates you from the mainstream and others from different backgrounds. We all lapse into informal usage in some situations, however you should learn to “code switch”, that is choose standard english syntax when it’s called for and adopt less formal usage when among your initmates.

Answer #10

I believe it’s just a lack of not hearing these terms daily and not being exposed to something that is different from the norm. I think it is interesting though to hear how some speak around different settings. I’m white and come from a smaller town and I’ve never had a problem with anyone a different race from me. And actually some of my best friends are African American. So to answer the question I don’t believe there is anything wrong with the slang, unless of course it’s in a professional setting.

Answer #11

I find it cool speakin slang.. I’ve got lotsa black fellas and the 1st time it was kinda difficult to catch what they said though, but by the time it’s fun hearin em speakin slang.. and it’s cool.. nothin’s wrong with it..

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