Can black people be "country"?

i only hang around country people and im black and i am tired of people saying i act way to white but i love country music is it possible i can be like country

Answer #1

Who cares if people think you act white :) just make sure you’re being yourself. And there are loads of black country singers by the way.

Answer #2

Yea I’ve seen some redneck black boys before I looked so dam funny

Answer #3

Race has nothing to do with if You are country or not. it just deals with where and how you were raised. My dad was raised on a farm with 5 other brothers & sisters so he has county tenseness. My mom and I were raised in a southern city so we have southern tenseness. And just because your raised in the south doesn’t mean you don’t have a great education either. Mama has a masters in education & English. Dad has a masters in engineering ;)

Answer #4

You can be however you wish and hang out with whomever you wish. Life is short, so try and be happy.

Answer #5

Who said countrys white? Its just a style,music, and life choice anyone can pick. Go for it.. who cares what they think, if your doing what you prefer. (:

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