Why do people call me Chav?

ok im really annoyed poeple keep calling me a chav. and I really dont know why. I mean I can be well spoken when I want to be but then other times I use ‘slang’ I mean I only talk like that if I really cant be asked. its really annoying. but I mean I guess you would have to hear me to know if I talk like a chav but I mean can you tell by my about me section thing if I am. thanks.

Answer #1

Don’t worry, only you can define whether you are a chav, and any way, people are probably just letting off steam by picking on you

Dont wry!!

Answer #2

I tink your not a chav dont worri what oda peoplez sai believe in your-self!!!

Answer #3

no but its not like that its just really annoying and sometimes I start to wonder am I chav it p*es me off so much these days. =[

Answer #4

chavs are like sterotypes I guess, they have a certain “look”. and tbh, you don’t look like a chav at all. We would have to hear you speak true, but even looking at the way you type things..I can tell your not a chav. People are just saying it because it annoyes you, so just either say something back that annoyes them! or just ignore it, they will soon get the message your not bothered, and will move on to something eles. But don’t change yourself, if they dont like you for who you are then whats the point? x

Answer #5

because your not a virgin

Answer #6

Punch them in the face. Loadsa people label people because of one tiny little thing that is ‘chavy’ about you. Tell them to go get a life. I got called an emo because I was wearing a bit of black make-up. Ignore them the best you can! :)

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